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Limited Pre Order Deal- 10% off on all plants, Spend $75 and get free shipping
Limited Pre Order Deal- 10% off on all plants, Spend $75 and get free shipping


1. How many seedlings do I get?

Each product description will tell you how many seedlings it comes with of that type. If nothing is mentioned it means that it comes as a single seedling.


    2. How long will delivery take?

    Plants are delivered every Tuesday and Wednesday 


      3. How big are the seedlings?

      We aim to grow the seedlings between 1-2 months(can be longer for slow growing plants) the sizes will depend on the plant. An example is
      Lettuce- 10-15cm


        4. What is the returns policy?

        If you are not satisfied with the plants you receive please send an email with a photo and a description of the issue within 24 hours of plants being delivered. We will either send a replacement or give you a refund for the issue. This does not cover you if you change your mind or damage it yourself while handling the plants


          5. I have never gardened before. How do I start gardening?

          We would recommend you read through our gardening guides Tab you can download and print out the pdfs for ease of access.
          In terms of plants choosing what you enjoy to eat first is smart, leafy greens and herbs are the easiest to start of with.


            6. How do you ship the plants?

            We have created boxes specifically made for transporting via courier. These boxes hold the soil in the pots, the make sure even if the box is turned upside down on accident that the plants do not get damaged and it can handle up to 65kg of weight when standing upright without getting crushed.


              7. Where can I pick up my plants from?

              Under the location tabs we have the locations for pick up.