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Limited Pre Order Deal- 10% off on all plants, Spend $75 and get free shipping


Plants will be stressed when planted so you need to make sure that you take as much care as possible.


When planting your vegetable seedlings, ensure your soil has been thoroughly watered. Watering your plants thoroughly helps to reduce transplant shock


Planting early in the morning or late afternoon is best. That way you give the plant some time before being exposed to sunlight and heat


Make sure when placing your plants in the ground that the roots are spread apart. The roots need to be able to move through the soil. If the seedling's roots are tangled up in a ball very tightly, then use your fingers and thumbs to carefully break them up so they hang freely from the base of the stem


Ensure your plants are evenly spaced. If plants are too close, they will compete. They compete for water, nutrients and sunlight. These three ingredients are key for your plants to grow to their full potential. If there are too many plants in your garden, you will limit how big these plants will get. We recommend that plants are spaced 50cm apart for smaller vegetables. For bigger plants, we recommend up to 90cm


Dig holes for your seedlings to go into. They need to be at the recommended spacing as talked about above. They also need to be deep enough so the roots can fit. Once in place, fill the hole with your soil and lightly compact the soil around the base of your plant. Be sure to check that the soil doesn’t go too far above the base of the stem as this may cause disease issues later on