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Planter Box Basics

Planter Box Basics

Kia Ora NzVeggiePlants Whanau,

We hope your cold weather gardens are thriving and you are enjoying the time of less pests and the saved time for watering.

We are gonna be talking about PLANTER BOXES and a few important things to look for whether you are buying or building them yourselves. We will be talking specifically about ones made from wood.

Ensuring the wood you use or purchase has been treated or has natural defence against rotting this is crucial as without it your planter box may not last very long due to moisture from watering.

Nails and screws must be rust proof, galvanised or stainless steel will work for this, if you are unsure ask the person at the hardware store  which ones will work.(using screws is best for strength in the joints)

Soil contact could possibly leech the chemicals into the soil so a simple thing to do is line the inside of the planter box with polyethene plastic not only does this protect against chemicals from the wood but also it makes your planter boxes last even longer. If you use this method don’t forget to make drainage holes at the bottom.

Planter boxes are a perfect way to garden in areas which you can not use the ground for gardening and now you have the basic tools to help you find a reliable planter box

Happy Gardening,

The Nzveggieplants Team

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