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Limited Pre Order Deal- 10% off on all plants, Spend $75 and get free shipping
Gardening Money Savings

Gardening Money Savings

Kia Ora Nzveggieplants Team,

Saving Money From Gardening.

We can all agree that veggie prices are extremely high! Gardening can help you save money for your Whanau because very simply you can grow more at home for a lot less than the supermarkets. As you garden more and become more experienced your savings will go up due to the decrease in failures  

 Example: Cabbage at the supermarket is $5.89

 In a pot you can get 6 cabbage seedlings for $3 

With the amount of time it would take for management for the cabbages which is roughly a total of 20 mins which reflects to roughly $7 the total cost for cabbage.(based on minimum wage for your time, could be decreased with automatic irrigation, netting and home greenhouses to reduce chance of animal and insect issues)

Add an extras $3 for soil, fertilizers(make your own compost to decrease this cost)

Total cost is $10 for 6 homegrown cabbages.

6 cabbages in the supermarket is $35.34

You are looking at a saving of $25.34

That is just one crop

The cabbage example is specific to slow growing veggies at home when you move to something easier that grows more quickly like loose leaf lettuce or Pak choy  your savings goes up and your produce quantities also go up. Choosing what you want to grow for max savings  will depend on the amount of space you have and how well you can setup succession gardening. We recommend beginners start with easy to grow veggies such as lettuce, Pak choy, Silverbeet and inground veggies such as radish's and beetroot. Small wins make a big impact on your wallet

Use succession planting to multiple this savings amount.

We will be talking about succession planting in our next post.

Happy Gardening,

The Nz Veggie Plants Team

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